Q: Will I need to re-map my bike if I fit your silencers.

A: Not normally – all our slip-ons are designed to work with standard mapping whilst still giving a worthwhile power increase. Most are supplied as road legal with removable baffles but if you intend to use them in race form then a new download is recommended. The great news is you can get the downloads free online using TuneECU! With the latest Bobbers and Speedmasters (2018 onwards) the ECU is able to automatically remap itself to adapt to the pipes so no action is needed at all.

Q: Will I need anything other than what you supply to fit the pipe to my bike?

A: No – all the connectors, straps, fittings and even new nuts and bolts if needed are supplied with our exhausts so that you have everything needed to fit them. We do not supply exhausts gaskets so if these have been damaged or worn in the past you may need to get new ones from Triumph

Q: How loud are they?

A: As supplied most exhausts are road legal for the UK limit (82dB tested to BSAU193 standards) but with a deeper sound than stock. With the baffles removed most are rated at 98 dB, which is well below the track noise limit of 105 dB. They are engineered to give a deep sound whilst remaining within reasonable limits. Some pipes are designed to be louder like the short Speedmaster pipes and the Stubby GP cans. Hopefully, no one should find a Trident can too loud but do check applicable laws outside the UK!

Q: How much do Trident exhausts weigh?

A: Most silencers weigh under 1.5Kg or 3lbs, which means you will save around 3-4Kg (6 to 8 lbs) off the weight of your original canister, though with later Triumphs like the Trophy 1200 and Sprint GT it is more like 8 kg saved.

Q: Are Trident silencers easy to fit?

A: Yes, very simple! Everything you need is in the box and we have built all our silencers and systems to be as simple as possible to fit.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: We aim to process orders within 24 hours and if goods are in stock they will be shipped within 48 hours though usually same day. If goods are not in stock we may need up to 2 weeks to build your system but we’ll let you know that immediately. Please note that customs clearance is beyond our control and may delay overseas goods by a day or two. Customs clearance may require payment of import duties to your government. None of our pipes currently attract import duties in the EU or the USA.

Q: How much power will my Trident Exhaust give me?

A: This is difficult as every bike is different and even two identical models can vary by as much as 10 bhp. However, every silencer will give a power increase and in some cases this can be as much as a 12 bhp gain from our slip-ons.

Q: Should my ST1050 pipes flow evenly through all three exhausts?

A: The link pipe with these exhausts is chambered so that they flow only the right amount for the revs and load you are using. So at low revs you will get flow just through the right hand pipe and at high loads you will get flow through all three. That way the bike revs smoothly and cleanly through the rev range without stumbling at lower revs or losing power at high revs.