Speed Triple 955


We offer a range of silencers for this bike in polished stainless, oval carbon fibre and a GP style carbon stubby. Any one of these will make the Speed Triple fly with an 8 bhp gain and significant weight loss, not to mention that great triple sound.

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We offer a range of silencers for this classic bike in polished stainless, carbon fibre and Deep Black Stainless

We use only the finest quality materials such as marine grade polished stainless steel and an exclusive pre-preg carbon fibre that outlasts all others. Most carbon is good to 180 degrees C and above that temperature it can discolour or even burn. Trident Carbon is rated to 450 degrees C so will never burn out or discolour and will look as good after 100,000 miles as it did the day you put it on.

All models come with the connecting pipe and fittings which you can choose for either a high or low-level mount. Power gains of around 8 bhp will be achieved with the appropriate downloaded tune, which can be input by your local Triumph dealer or downloaded for free online.

All our pipes come in oval except the Stubby GP style

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Carbon Fibre, Deep Black, Stainless, Stubby GP


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